Lanops 18 – Awesome LAN Party in sheffield

LANOPS 18 is coming up next year in March, anyone else looking forward to it? I think they are updating there schedule soon too / announcing what is going on at the event a little closer to the LAN Party here Tournaments Our usual tournaments will be played including Unreal Tournament, Supreme Commander, Counter Strike […]


LAN46: The Overnighter Returns!

This LAN will be running from Saturday morning at 11am onwards due to negotiations taking so long by the time we secured overnight Friday was no longer available for booking. ————————–————————–——– LAN Passes (grant access to our network/power) can be purchased via the TicketSoc link at the top of this event page: – £3.00 for […]

LAN Party Games – Left 4 dead 2

How can we forget the best co op zombie killing game ever made? This game runs perfectly at lan parties and to be honest? Back when this came out, actually playing it at a lan party was better than over the internet. Not to mention your comrades are next to you! so it’s easier to […]


LanOps – Have you booked your ticket?

Such an awesome LAN Party! If you haven’t been before, really recommend it. It’s one of the funnest events in the UK and there next event will hopefully be a touch warmer haha!


Awesome article by Nerd Tech

My friends over at Nerdtech wrote this awesome article about a basic computer for moba (dota2 and LoL). But the computer is pretty decent for using as a LAN PC.

Gravity LAN @ Portal

By now you’ve probably heard enough of me talking about Gravity LAN! But it is in full swing and if you want to come down, there is still time! Theres lot’s of League of legends going down, not to mention Trackmania.. but a game I’ve not seen in sometime! Quake 3. Really have to hand […]


Anyone checked out LanOps?

So guys, just a quick post! If you are in the area there are still seats left at one of the coolest LANS I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Based in Sheffield! LanOps is on it’s first night! So there is still plenty of time left in the weekend for games (after all who needs […]

ZPH LAN 10! What a great weekend.

I recently attended a LAN down in Brighton (Lewes) ran by the wonderful Zero Ping heroes. We rolled up with cupcakes and in return we had an amazing weekend, they’ve been around for a while and this was there 10th event. Firstly some pictures of there new venue.. Pictures aside 🙂 the event was a […]


TP Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch
8 Port Gigabit Switch – 50% off!

If you are looking for a cheap switch to host a small LAN party this might be what you have been waiting for, it’s an 8 port unmanaged switch which should be great for those small LAN parties! Check it out here: